Building a Responsive website for...

MJF Contracting

Established in 1976, New York based MJF Contracting is a family owned and operated business, specializing in retail, institutional and corporate construction. Though the client was having great success offline, they wanted to expand their client base, and they knew to do that, they needed a website.

Project Story

MJF also wanted to use their website as a tool for their business, not only in an advertising sense, but they also wanted their contractors to be able to log in, and upload document and photos pertaining to current projects.

To ensure the client's website would reach as many users as possible, we designed a fully responsive website that would deliver their content appropriately, whether the visitor is was visiting using their desktop, or mobile device. We delivered their site built upon a WordPress foundation, giving them the ability to update the site’s content when they needed, and allowing us to utilize WordPress's login feature to allow their contractors to sign in and upload information as needed.